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Do you support one of the 93 million
adults who suffer from obesity?

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Are you looking for a SAFE place to find
answers to your questions or concerns?

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If your loved one suffers from obesity...
You are not alone anymore!


Dana Rosser founded FacingObesity.com to help!


Be sure to read Dana Rosser's
new book Thru Thick & Thin:
Facing Obesity Thru the
Eyes of a Loved One

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A letter from our founder

The statistics are staggering…

  • 93 million americans and their families are affected by Obesity
  • 112,000 deaths are attributed to Obesity every year
  • 40% of adults in U.S. do not participate in leisure, physical activity
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Dana Rosser

I hope that this non-judgmental website will encourage spouses, loved ones, friends to express their feelings and emotions freely about how their family members weight is affecting them. By having positive dialogue I am hoping to in some small way to heal the hurts of an extraordinary group of people that have at times been forgotten.

Welcome and please contribute freely!

Dana Rosser
Founder, FacingObesity.com

Ready for a change?

I get to the heart of the issues facing the loved ones of those fighting the weight loss battle in my NEW book
“Thru Thick and Thin:
Facing Obesity Thru the Eyes of a Loved One”

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