Dana’s Book: Thru Thick and Thin

Dana's book cover

Today obesity/morbid obesity is public enemy number one. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight. This assassin of quality and longevity of life has proven an elusive adversary.

Focus has been mainly directed toward the treatment of individuals who are stricken with this disease. But there is a clan of silent sufferers whose well-being and struggle go unnoticed—the loved ones of the obese/morbidly obese.

First-time author, Dana M. Rosser, gets to the heart of the issues facing the loved ones of those fighting the weight loss battle in her debut book “Thru Thick and Thin: Facing Obesity Thru the Eyes of a Loved One”.

Dana recounts her personal journey of supporting her husband, a world renowned surgeon, who once weighed over 450 lbs. With vivid detail, she chronicles the breakdown that led to a miraculous breakthrough. “Thru Thick and Thin” provides the reader with a shoulder to cry on, while also offering insight and clarity into a world most don’t know exist.

Purchase your copy today of the newly released book from Dana M. Rosser, “Thru Thick and Thin; Facing Obesity Thru the Eyes of a Loved One”.

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