Resources for You

The following is a list of resources that you and your family can refer to for more information and general support for obesity and weight related issues. This information is to inform and guide you but does not replace the opinion or direction of a doctor or professional.

OAC – Obesity Action Coalition

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is the ONLY non-profit organization whose sole focus is representing individuals affected by obesity. Founded in 2005, the OAC remains at the forefront of the fight against obesity. From advocating on capitol hill for access to obesity treatments to publishing hundreds of educational resources for individuals affected, the OAC truly represents the voice of all those affected by obesity.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Defines Obesity and weight issues and offers data and statistics as well as causes and consequences to the disease. You will also find information on programs and additional resources.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Specific information for the prevention and treatment of obesity in children.

Obesity in America

Important News and up to date information about obesity, the science and treatment from experts as well as success stories.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Visit to learn more about Gastric Bypass Surgery. You will find photos, links and helpful information about what to expect and why it is done and how well it works.